Bern, June 12, 2017 - The two largest organizations in Swiss medical technology sealed the merger with Swiss Medtech at their general meetings on June 12, 2017.

By combining their activities, FASMED and Medical Cluster increase the clout of the medtech industry, which is important for the Swiss healthcare system and the national economy.

The new association represents the interests of around 600 members, 1,350 companies and 54,500 employees.

He is committed to high-quality, safe and timely patient care, to maintain the competitive and innovative strength of the industry and to strengthen the home market.

Swiss Medtech's managing director is Peter Biedermann. National Councilor Urs Gasche and Rubino Mordasini share the Presidium on the eight-member Board with representatives from industry, medicine and science.

In 20 specialist groups, experts from the member companies develop strategies, solutions and statements on relevant industry topics.